What to do When Involved in an Auto Accident

Whether a minor car wreck or a tragic accident, like the recent car crash that killed two former volleyball stars and their daughters, it’s important to know what to do when involved in a car accident.

First and foremost, be sure to call 911 immediately. When the police arrive, ask them to make a written accident report and find out where to get a copy of the report. It is important to make written notes of the names, addresses, phone numbers and license plate numbers of all parties involved, including any witnesses to the accident. Photograph the accident scene including skid marks and any physical objects that the vehicles struck. Be sure to take pictures of all vehicles from various angles.

If you are injured or feel pain after the accident, see your doctor immediately. Don’t assume that just because you may not feel instant or excruciating pain, you are not injured. Be sure to give each of your doctors a detailed explanation of exactly how your accident occurred. It is also important that you keep a detailed pain diary. When a person is in pain, it consumes them and it’s all they can think about. Documentation is the key to keeping an insurance company on their toes. If you have to travel to the doctor’s office, save transportation receipts and keep track of the mileage. It is important to document doctor visits and to mark down how long medical devices are needed, such as a wheelchair, walker, neck brace, etc.   

Some accident victims, in an attempt to avoid paying legal fees, try to represent themselves and call an attorney only after the damage has been done by providing statements to the insurance company. Don’t take on the large insurance companies and their attorneys on your own. Let us fight for your rights! The personal injury attorneys at Rosenberg & Rodriguez, PLLC understand the legal and insurance issues surrounding car accidents.

Not only can a victim suffer from pain and suffering due to their injuries, but a victim can also endure significant lost earnings, property damages and huge medical expenses. That’s why hiring a personal injury lawyer is necessary to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. It is essential to hire a personal injury law firm that will handle your case from start to finish, will be available when you need them, and will return phone calls promptly. Our extensive knowledge and experience handling car accident claims and lawsuits is why Rosenberg & Rodriguez, PLLC is the right choice when choosing a personal injury law firm to represent you during an auto accident.

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