Sidewalk Accidents

The sidewalks of the streets of New York have been neglected for decades. As a result, many sidewalks that we walk on every day contain dangerous cracks, holes, depressions, and other defects that can cause us to trip and fall and sustain serious injuries such as sprains, strains and even fractured bones.

The law requires that property owners maintain reasonably safe sidewalks that are free of dangerous conditions and trip hazards. Recent changes in the law now have made it more confusing to determine who is responsible for maintaining a particular sidewalk. Depending on the location of the sidewalk, the responsible party may be the abutting landowner or the local municipality.

At Rosenberg & Rodriguez, PLLC, our personal injury attorneys are experienced in investigating and determining who is responsible for the maintenance of any particular sidewalk.

We employ a team of investigators who go out to accident scenes to conduct full investigations that include taking photographs and measurements of an accident due to sidewalk conditions. Our investigators also locate and interview potential witnesses. Our personal injury law firm also investigates and determines if other accidents had previously occurred at the same location, and the owner of the sidewalk was aware of the problem but chose to ignore it.


After our initial and comprehensive investigation, our personal injury lawyers will aggressively pursue full compensation for all injuries you sustain as a result of a property owner’s failure to maintain his/her sidewalk.