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Unsurprisingly, motorists are not the only ones who need to stay alert at intersections. Pedestrians have a responsibility as well. When behind the wheel, drivers must be aware that they’re entrusting their lives to other people on the road; they rely on them to stop when there’s a red light and move forward when it turns green – but unfortunately this doesn’t always happen and T-bone collisions can result from reckless driving which disregards traffic signs. A T-bone collision happens whenever one driver crashes into the side of another car – just like its name implies.

T-bone accidents are extremely frequent in major cities like Brooklyn, and unfortunately very hazardous as well. If you or a family member have experienced an injury or loss due to this type of accident in New York, reach out immediately to Rosenberg & Rodriguez. Our Brooklyn T-bone accident lawyers have over 70 years of combined experience under their belts and hundreds of millions collected through successful insurance settlements and jury verdicts for countless clients enduring car accidents alike, you can trust that they will tirelessly work towards obtaining justice for your case too. Contact our office today for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

Common Causes Of T-Bone Accidents In Brooklyn

In New York, when drivers obey the various stop signs and lights that control intersections, as well as follow the regulations governing right-of-way, T-bone collisions should not occur. Unfortunately, carelessness still plays a role in some of these serious incidents. Here are just a few of the most common causes of T-bone accidents in Brooklyn:

Distracted Driving

Careless driving is frequently associated with distractions. Those who don’t pay attention to their surroundings or miss potential threats have a heightened likelihood of getting into an accident. One of the most dangerous, yet widespread, forms of driver distraction is texting while on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration described cell phone use as the most hazardous source of distraction for motorists; in only five seconds it takes to read or send a text message, drivers can travel up to ninety-nine yards at highway speeds – that’s like crossing an entire football field without looking.


Alcohol intoxication makes it difficult to properly assess and maneuver through intersections, as physical capability, sensory perception, and clear thinking are necessary for safe passing. When someone is impaired by alcohol, they lack the awareness or ability needed to make wise decisions while driving – leading to severe accidents that could have been easily avoided. Drunk driving is an act of negligence that carries with it extreme danger.

Excess Speed

Not only does speeding reduce your ability to react and interpret the road ahead, but it can also cause you to make unsafe turns at intersections. Unsafely entering an intersection has severe consequences; not only is there a higher risk of crashing into another driver but speeding increases the chance of fatalities in accidents. Exceeding speed limits or driving too quickly for current conditions are all forms of excess speed that can lead to devastating results.


You might be asking yourself how hazardous a driver who lacked sleep can actually be. It’s an unfortunate truth that they can prove to be quite dangerous, with impairments similar to those of drunk drivers. This is why professional drivers are required by law to comply with certain hours-of-service rules and regulations; however, these restrictions aren’t always followed which leads to deadly truck accidents resulting in serious physical harm.


Aggressive drivers often disregard the law and make dangerous decisions on the road without considering the consequences. While speeding is a common trait of an overly aggressive driver, there are other behaviors that may signal their recklessness:

  • Following other cars far too closely, otherwise known as tailgating
  • Driving too fast or recklessly
  • Refusing to follow the rules of the road or to yield the right-of-way
  • Provoking other drivers by taunting them, honking continuously, flashing lights aggressively, or tapping their cars
  • Passing with disregard for other vehicles and their safety
  • Speeding through construction zones
  • Driving too close to the sides of other vehicles

If you happen to come across an aggressive driver, it is essential that you report them when it’s safe. This will ensure the safety of yourself and fellow drivers while on the road. If their hazardous driving habits have caused a collision involving someone close to your heart or yourself, be sure to contact our Brooklyn T-bone accident lawyers immediately for a free case evaluation.

Determining Fault In T-Bone Accidents

It can be tricky to establish who was at fault in a T-bone accident in Brooklyn. When two vehicles collide, it is not necessarily the fault of only one driver. To accurately evaluate responsibility for this type of crash, investigators must first pinpoint which vehicle had the right-of-way when the collision happened. Since no two drivers can have simultaneous rights-of-way in any given scenario, typically if there are two drivers involved in a T-bone car accident it’s because one failed to yield properly and thus contributed to causing an unfortunate incident.

In a T-bone collision, both automobiles take the brunt of the impact on their sides. Even if you are certain that you had right of way during the crash, it is essential to remember that investigators who weren’t there can have difficulty understanding your point of view. When the two drivers involved in an accident both deny responsibility, it can be a complicated ordeal. Nevertheless, with the help of evidence such as photos, videos, official reports and eyewitness accounts gathered by investigators and attorneys alike – uncovering who is at fault becomes easier to ascertain. Having access to a professional T-bone accident lawyer in Brooklyn will make navigating this difficult situation much simpler.

Shocking T-Bone Accident Statistics

Each year, about 8,000 Americans tragically lose their lives to T-bone car accidents. In New York alone, that figure is even more concerning – 20% of deadly wrecks occurred when the sides of vehicles were hit. If people sitting on the same side as the accident don’t wear a seatbelt, they are six times more likely to suffer a fatal outcome.

T-bone car accidents remain a leading cause of fatalities on the road, even though safety measures have been improved. Sadly, there still isn’t standardized side-impact protection for vehicles in many locations – leaving those inside vulnerable to injury or death. When kids are located in the backseat of a vehicle during these collisions, they are particularly at risk due to their size and lack of body strength. If you were involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and it has caused long-term consequences financially or medically then contact our Brooklyn T-bone attorneys right away. We offer free consultations so we can better understand more about your situation and help get justice for yourself or a loved one who was affected by this type of collision.

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