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From the streets of Brooklyn to Queens and beyond, iconic yellow taxi cabs (or Medallion taxis) are a daily staple for commuting in New York. If you were injured while riding one of these cabs or even just walking on the sidewalk near one, it’s important that you know your rights—you may be eligible for financial compensation. The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission is responsible for regulating all licensees, including over 200K taxi cab drivers who complete an estimated 1 million trips per day! Make sure to have peace of mind knowing your legal options should any unfortunate accident occur.

Despite the prevalence of taxi accidents occurring in Brooklyn and New York City, determining fault can be difficult. To ensure you get fair compensation for any injuries caused by a taxicab accident, seek help from an experienced Brooklyn taxi accident lawyer who is well-versed in the laws governing taxi owners and operators. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need legal assistance; our personal injury attorneys will provide free advice on your rights as well as guide you through pursuing damages against negligent parties.

Determining Fault In A Brooklyn Taxi Accident

If you were unfortunate enough to sustain injuries as a passenger in the taxi, then it is necessary for the at-fault person responsible for causing the accident to pay you recompense. But it’s important to identify who was at fault in the accident, for example:

  • Your taxi driver, who might have been negligent or reckless while driving the taxi
  • Another motorist, who made a mistake and could have collided with your taxi,
  • The mechanic who was tasked with repairing the taxi, but did a subpar job
  • The entity responsible for the road, which might have been hazardous and contributed to an accident

Establishing responsibility is essential. If someone or something wasn’t at fault, then you won’t get the deserved compensation for your injuries. Some people mistakenly believe that a taxi driver must always be held accountable for an accident; however, this isn’t always true. Determining who’s to blame involves a thorough analysis of any accidents which may have taken place. While it might seem difficult to recreate what happened in hindsight – our Brooklyn taxi accident attorneys are more than capable of questioning witnesses, analyzing police reports, and obtaining pertinent details from yourself regarding the incident.

Common Causes Of Taxi Accidents In Brooklyn

In 2020, New York City was plagued with the most traffic congestion in the United States; thus it’s understandable why taxi accidents in Brooklyn are all too common. There could be a range of reasons for these unfortunate occurrences: from exhaustion to rushing behind the wheel. Here is an overview of some of the primary causes of taxi collisions that take place in Brooklyn, NY:


Driving too quickly is one of the leading contributors to vehicular crashes in Brooklyn and all over America. This recklessness not only jeopardizes the lives of those behind the wheel as well as their passengers but also poses a massive risk to other people on the road. Sadly, thousands of innocent individuals lose their life each year due to preventable speed-related collisions.

Failure To Yield The Right Of Way

Neglecting to yield the right of way leads to a multitude of traffic collisions. Cabbies and other motorists should be vigilant when they may confront an obstacle, like someone crossing off the sidewalk or taking an unexpected left turn.

Failure To Comply With Traffic Regulations

Despite the mandate that all taxi drivers must abide by traffic regulations, many oftentimes disregard stop signs and red lights, engage in reckless speed driving, tailgating other vehicles on the road, as well as neglect to yield to pedestrians or motorists.

Distracted Driving

Cell phones are only one of the various types of distractions that can draw a driver’s attention away from the road. Texting, blasting loud music, eating and drinking on the go, smoking cigarettes or other substances, and dealing with grooming issues – all these activities have been known to lead to tragic accidents and wrongful death.

Blocking The Traffic Or Driveway To Drop Off/Pick Up Passengers

By obstructing the flow of traffic by parking their cars in the middle of a street, cab drivers are endangering others with the potential for an accident to occur. This is one of the more common accident causes in Brooklyn.

Not Paying Attention Before Going Through Or Turning At An Intersection

Before turning or driving through an intersection, it is critical for drivers to be aware of pedestrians and bicyclists in the vicinity. If this safety precaution is disregarded, devastating and irreversible consequences can arise from such careless behavior.

Attempting To Beat A Red Light

Before pulling through an intersection, it is imperative that drivers wait for a green light; yet, countless motorists continue despite seeing red or yellow due to pressing schedules and cell phone distractions. Unfortunately, this not only leads to tragic accidents but also can result in irreparable harm.

Lane Changes Made Incorrectly Or Unsafely

Before changing lanes, drivers must be certain that it is safe and that the lane they are entering is unoccupied–failure to do so can not only result in a violation of the law but may also lead to an accident.

Driving Under The Influence Of Liquor

Every year, countless individuals are injured or killed due to drunk driving. If a taxi driver is found operating their vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they will be held accountable and arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

Brooklyn Taxi Accident Statistics [Updated 2021]

With 13,587 taxis registered in New York City alone, it comes as little wonder that thousands of motor vehicle accidents involve cabs. As of September 2021, the NYPD recorded a staggering 359 taxi collisions throughout the city – an impressive 90 incidents happened within Brooklyn itself. While rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft are currently all the rage for convenience and affordability; sometimes taking a cab is still more convenient than ever before.

Startlingly, in New York City alone the NYPD reported that 1,413 taxi-related accidents happened in December 2019. That’s equal to an average of 46 crashes a day and not even two incidents hourly! Statistics indicate that taxicab accidents are very common in New York City, especially in the following locations:

  • Manhattan: 741 cab accidents
  • Brooklyn: 242 cab accidents
  • Queens: 226 cab accidents
  • Bronx: 200 cab accidents
  • Staten Island: 4 cab accidents

This could be attributed to the greater usage of public transportation, such as busses, trains, and subways in other boroughs versus Manhattan. Additionally, many taxi drivers tend not to leave Manhattan since there is high demand for cabs within this area.

If you have been in a taxi accident in Brooklyn, there is likely more than one party responsible for the damages and injuries. To obtain just compensation from each at-fault entity, it’s imperative to review all factors that may have played a role in leading to the accident. At Rosenberg & Rodriguez, our Brooklyn taxi accident lawyers possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to carry out an extensive investigation into your incident – giving you peace of mind throughout this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Type Of Taxi Cab Matter In An Accident?

Whether you drive a yellow taxicab or take one, you can rest assured that the Taxi and Limousine Commission has required all operators to carry not only sufficient but also substantial insurance coverage. This includes up to $100,000 in liability per person involved in an accident or if more than one is injured then it will total to no less than $300,000.

Even minor accidents shouldn’t be cause for worry as these limits should be enough money needed for covering your financial losses. When you get into an unlicensed cab or ridesharing service such as Uber or Lyft, their policies may only be applicable in certain cases. Nevertheless, if the insurance policy is insufficient to cover what you are owed, we can file a lawsuit with a jury that could potentially award you more than expected.

Who Can Be Held Liable For A Brooklyn Taxi Accident?

If you’ve been involved in a Brooklyn taxi accident, there are numerous entities that can be held accountable. The driver of the cab is arguably at fault and has to face legal liability either through litigation or settlements. Apart from them, other liable parties may include:

  • Taxi Companies: Not only taxi drivers, but taxi companies are also responsible for any accidents their vehicles get into. They must ensure that they hire competent and reliable drivers as well as provide secure and safe automobiles. If a company is negligent when it comes to the hiring process or supervising/monitoring its personnel, then there will be adverse consequences should an accident happen, meaning that the organization can be held accountable for such events.
  • Taxi Manufacturers: In some cases, taxi accidents are the result of defective or faulty parts. If an accident is caused by a car malfunction or any other problem that can be attributed to the craftsmanship, then it is likely that the manufacturer will bear legal responsibility for it.
  • Other Motorists: Whenever a taxi crash happens, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the driver’s fault. Other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians can also be liable for the harm caused by the accident. Thus when you suffer an injury from a cab collision, make sure to investigate all responsible parties involved in the mishap before making any conclusions about who is at fault.
  • Government Agencies: The government of New York City owes its citizens a duty to construct and maintain roads that are safe for all road users. Should an accident happen due to hazardous or otherwise dangerous conditions on the road, those responsible may be held accountable by a governmental body.

How Long Do I Have To File A Taxi Accident Lawsuit In Brooklyn?

Every state has an allocated period of time, termed a “statute of limitations,” during which survivors of accidents must file a lawsuit. In other words, this is the definitive window within which you must pursue legal action.

In almost all scenarios, New York occupants who have been involved in a car accident are provided three years from the accident date to claim compensation. However, there are some circumstances that may alter this timeline; your Brooklyn taxi accident lawyer can provide more details on them. If your collision was with a government agency, you generally only have 90 days after the event to file for damages, so it’s important to act quickly.

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