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Rear end accidents are the most common type of car accident in the world. However, just because these accidents are typical, the severity and damages that may occur can be just as devastating as a head on collision or vehicle rollover accident. In fact, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) found that over 28% of car crashes are rear-end accidents and over 2000 people are killed each year due to this type of collision. Rear-end accidents usually occur in high-traffic areas like Brooklyn when the second driver isn’t paying attention to what’s ahead of them. More times than not, these types of accidents are caused by the trailing driver’s negligence and can allow for a personal injury claim. If you or someone close to you has suffered injuries due to such an incident, contact our Brooklyn rear end accident lawyers at Rosenberg & Rodriguez today for a free consultation.

Common Causes Of Rear End Accidents in Brooklyn

Although rear end accidents are common on roads across the country, they tend to be especially prevalent in crowded cities like Brooklyn due to their congested streets and the large number of motorists. There can be a multitude of causes for these collisions, but some of the most typical include:

Drivers Following Too Closely

Under New York Law, drivers must ensure a safe following distance. Utilizing three to four seconds between vehicles provides motorists with enough time and space for any drastic traffic changes or sudden stops from the car in front of them. This gap is even more important during inclement weather conditions or periods of high congestion when it can be harder than ever to come to a halt and prevent an occurrence such as a collision involving cars or large trucks. The slower you travel, the shorter amount of time it takes for your automobile to cease movement entirely; however, at higher speeds, extra caution should be taken in order to maintain safety on the roads.


Unfocused drivers may not be aware that you have halted at a traffic signal, stop sign, or just regular traffic. This happens more often when the driver is looking away from the road and not paying attention to their environment. If they are unable to recognize slowing or stopped vehicles in front of them, this can potentially lead to collisions with other motorists ahead of them.

Texting And Driving

In New York, texting and driving are prohibited by law. Unfortunately, this reckless behavior has become increasingly commonplace on the roads and puts drivers’ lives in danger. If someone were to be involved in a rear end accident in Brooklyn while they were texting at the time of impact, then their legal repercussions will likely be intensified.

Sudden Stops

Although you may need to come to an abrupt halt, it does not mean that the crash is your fault. If the driver behind fails to react quickly or isn’t paying attention while they are driving, a rear-end accident can occur and then they become liable for any damages caused by their negligence. Therefore, although stopping suddenly is necessary for certain situations; pay close attention when there’s another vehicle following closely behind so as to avoid any possible collisions from occurring.

Rear end collisions can be difficult to prove, making it a common occurrence for both parties to offer drastically different accounts of the event. That’s why it’s so important to enlist an experienced Brooklyn rear end accident lawyer who will ensure that your rights are protected and your voice is heard in court. With this professional legal guidance, you’ll benefit from being able to navigate these intricate waters with ease.

Impaired Driving

If you were involved in an accident due to the other driver being intoxicated, it’s urgent that you seek legal counsel from a qualified drunk driving accident lawyer. The risks associated with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are severe and even result in wrongful death.

Common Injuries From Brooklyn Rear End Accidents

When a rear end collision occurs, it can have devastating consequences and even leave the unsuspecting victim with physical ailments and psychological distress that may last them a lifetime. Even though both drivers could be injured in the crash, usually it is the stationary motorist who experiences more serious harm. As heartbreaking as this situation might be, there are certain common injuries caused by these accidents which can significantly affect your settlement amount.

Whiplash Injuries

The quick and powerful momentum created by a rear end crash can cause immense pain and rigidity in the neck and shoulder area of victims, known as whiplash. This sudden acceleration forces their spine beyond its normal range of motion, leading to traumatic injuries to both regions. According to the NHTSA, 20% of all motorists involved in rear-end accidents suffer a whiplash injury. Among those, almost 80% experience pain and soreness that lasts longer than a week following the accident.

Back Injuries

When your car is hit from behind, the abrupt force of the collision can severely damage a person’s spine. The repercussions of a rear-end collision can be grave, compressing the spinal cord and producing serious harm to your discs, joints, and nerves. Because our spine and neck are so integral for everyday life activities, these wounds have the potential to disrupt your entire existence. That’s why consulting with a Brooklyn rear end accident lawyer is essential in order to obtain justice and compensation for what you endured.

Head and Face Injuries

Airbags are a fact of life in most modern vehicles and can be lifesavers, especially during car accidents. However, the presence of an airbag does not guarantee complete protection from harm. If you’re involved in a rear-end collision at high speeds and the airbag is deployed, it may also cause serious injuries due to its tremendous velocity upon impact.

Arm and Hand Injuries

When rear-end accidents in Brooklyn occur, victims often bear the full brunt of the impact since they’re typically holding onto their steering wheel. This can cause violent jerking and jamming to arms, shoulders, hands, and wrists – resulting in a range of injuries including severe pain or even broken bones at times. Although these types of traumas may not sound as pressing as other conditions, living with limited motion or prolonged discomfort in your limbs can be detrimentally disruptive to everyday life.

Seatbelt Injuries

While seatbelts are essential for roadway safety and capable of saving lives in accidents, they can also result in serious injuries. During a rear-end collision, the force throws your body forward against the seatbelt on impact – thus preventing you from smashing your face against the steering wheel. Despite this life-saving action, however, it is possible to suffer lacerations or bruises along with whiplash due to such contact with the belt restraint system.

Rear End Accident Statistics

Rear-end car crashes are unfortunately everywhere, particularly in big cities like Brooklyn, Manhattan, or the Bronx where the traffic is dense. Victims have no chance to take any action or brace for impact since these collisions occur so quickly and without warning. All too often, rear end accident victims are completely unaware of the impending impact until it’s far too late and they’ve already been injured. This can lead to even more hazardous types of injuries, making a personal injury claim an especially viable option for these unsuspecting victims. That is why consulting with a seasoned Brooklyn rear end lawyer should be your first step after being involved in such an accident.

According to a new study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rear-end accidents are responsible for more than 7% of all traffic-related fatalities and almost 20% of those fatalities involving two-vehicle collisions. Another recent statistical study by The Washington Post found that over 1 million rear end accidents occur in the US each year and more than 2,000 of them result in death.

What’s The Average Settlement For A Rear End Accident?

Taking into account the distinct specifics of your car accident case, your estimated settlement will vary. For example, a meager payout is to be expected if the other driver caused minimal damage to both you and your property during the crash. However, in cases where extensive losses occurred such as complete vehicle destruction or lasting injury – it’s safe to assume that an increased payment may await you. Knowing what you can expect as a settlement for these types of accidents is an important reason to enlist the help of a knowledgeable Brooklyn rear end accident lawyer.

How Common Are Rear End Car Accidents In Brooklyn?

With an alarmingly high statistic of 26.9% of all motor vehicle accidents, rear-end collisions are one of the most common types in America according to NHTSA’s report. Rear-end collisions may result in serious and potentially lethal injuries, as was evident from the 2,346 deaths caused by rear-ending incidents in 2019 – constituting 7% of all motor vehicle fatalities that year.

Distracted driving, tailgating, and following too closely are all prime sources of rear-end collisions in New York City. According to the NYPD’s August 2021 statistics, out of the 9,565 reported car accidents – at least 785 were caused by drivers who followed too close behind another vehicle while distracted driving was a contributing factor for 2,461 crashes.

Suffering an injury due to a car accident in Brooklyn can be overwhelming, which is why the experienced rear end accident attorneys at Rosenberg & Rodriguez are here for you. Our knowledgeable and compassionate law firm knows how to navigate through difficult legal terrain regarding personal injury claims or cases concerning car accidents. Contact us now and speak with one of our expert personal injury lawyers about your case today!

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