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The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. The State of New York has strong worker protection laws designed to protect construction workers from common injuries, such as falls from scaffolds and elevated heights, falling objects, and other construction site hazards. Unfortunately, many construction companies ignore these safety rules to try to save time and money, resulting in workers getting injured while on the job.

When construction workers are injured due to the negligence of their employers, the law allows workers to sue to recover monetary compensation for their injuries. The compensation for injured workers can often be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on the severity of the injury. Injured workers also have the right to Worker’s Compensation benefits that pay for their medical and hospital bills, medical equipment, physical therapy, medications, lost earnings, and future expenses related to their injuries.

Often construction companies and employers will threaten injured workers by using their immigration status to force them to stay quiet and not seek compensation for their injuries. The fact is that your immigration status does not matter. All injured workers, regardless of their immigration status, are entitled to the same protections under New York State laws. This means that an injured worker can sue for compensation for his or her injuries and obtain Worker’s Compensation benefits regardless of immigration status. It cannot be held against you.

The construction accidents lawyers at Rosenberg & Rodriguez, PLLC are experienced in construction site accident cases and can help protect all your legal rights. If you or a loved one has been involved in a construction site accident, please call us right away for a free consultation.

Common Construction Site Accidents

Construction Site Accidents The dangers of construction work are exacerbated in places like New York City, where construction projects often take place in densely crowded areas. The different construction accidents listed below are common in construction work. However, scaffolding and crane accidents are prominent in New York City where an accident may injure numerous workers and bystanders on a crowded construction site. The lawyers at Rosenberg & Rodriguez PLLC have years of experience working with construction accidents in the state of New York, and understand the peculiar risks involved with working construction in New York City. The list below details just some of the construction accidents we handle:
  • Falling hazards – Construction workers are often required to work at elevated and dangerous heights. The law requires that workers be provided with safety equipment like ladders, scaffolds and safety harnesses to prevent injuries from falls. Unfortunately, very often employers fail to provide their workers with this types of equipment resulting in devastating accidents. Construction sites are also filled with different hazards which may cause a worker to trip & fall. Misplaced tools, ill-managed scaffolding or walkways, and unsecured building materials are just a few negligent acts which create additional falling hazards.
  • Construction defects – occur in residential and commercial buildings alike, and typically result from negligent construction methods or materials. Construction defects pose serious risks to construction workers, residents and bystanders.
  • Ladder accidents – a fall from a ladder can cause serious bodily injury, and you may not be able to work after suffering a fall.
  • Scaffolding accidents – scaffolding is a common sight on New York City construction sites, and they pose great danger to construction workers. Scaffolding may collapse, debris may fall, or workers may slip and fall on scaffolding. Proper safety measures for using and maintaining scaffolding are vital for protecting construction workers.
  • Roof & ceiling collapse – Construction workers put their lives at risk when they get onto a roof. Workers can get injured if they fall from a roof, or when a roof or ceiling collapses underneath them. Sadly, these scenarios are not uncommon on construction sites where ceilings and walls may not be secure, and different factors surrounding the site may cause a roof or ceiling to cave-in.
  • Crane accidents – Cranes are common sights on New York City construction sites, and when they are negligently set-up, maintained, or operated, they pose deadly risks to innocent construction workers and bystanders. A crane accident may occur if the crane collapses, drops its load, or hits a structure or person.
  • Unsafe worksites – Property owners and general contractors share the responsibility of maintaining safe construction sites, and liability for an accident is dependent on the location and nature of the accident. Responsibilities relating to general safety hazards on a construction site include: clearly marking or powering down power lines, marking natural hazards of the property, removing slip and fall hazards, and removing or marking dangerous chemicals on-site.
  • Vehicle accidents – Construction vehicles are necessary for many projects, and assist workers in most aspects. However, constructions vehicles can also pose serious risks to workers if these vehicles are not maintained or used properly, or if the site is not properly maintained for the use of such vehicles.
This is a basic list of just some of the risks involved with working on a construction site. The wide variety of construction projects and types of sites make each situation unique, and thus unique risks are often involved. Like the risks involved, injuries caused by a construction accident can vary widely from small cuts and bruises, to fatalities. The following is a list of injuries which construction workers may sustain in a work-related accident:
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Paralysis
  • Electrocution
  • Burns
  • Amputation
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Knee & back injuries

What to do if you are hurt in a construction accident:

  1. Seek immediate medical attention – make sure to keep all documents relating to your injuries and the care you receive. These will be vital in building your case.
  2. Take pictures, if possible – construction sites are always changing, so it is important to document the scene of the accident and any factors which may have contributed to it. Also include photos of your accident and injuries if applicable.
  3. Report the accident to your employer – your employer and their insurance company will need a report of the accident in order to process any claims.
  4. Hire an experienced attorney from Rosenberg & Rodriguez, PLLC to handle your claim

Should I Contact a Construction Accident Attorney?

Construction Accident Attorney

If you’re hurt on the job, your top priority should be recovery, not worrying about work, medical bills, and the impact on your family.  You need an experienced construction accident attorney to guide you through the legal and financial hurdles of recovering from your accident and recovering the compensation you deserve. At Rosenberg & Rodriguez, our attorneys will advocate for you throughout this daunting process by identifying the liable parties and which New York labor laws were violated in your accident, and go after every possible source of compensation for you. By not hiring a lawyer, you risk missing out on compensation for medical bills and prescriptions, lost wages, transportation costs, and compensation for your pain and suffering.

After a construction site accident, liable parties may try to threaten you with your immigration status, in a bid to keep you quiet after an accident. Under New York state laws, all injured workers are afforded the same protections to seek compensation and benefits after an accident, regardless of their immigration status. With an experienced attorney by your side, liable parties will not be able to use these scare tactics to avoid paying you the benefits and compensation you deserve.

You can afford to hire an experienced attorney at Rosenberg & Rodriguez, because we don’t get paid unless we are successful with your claim. This is called working on a contingency-fee basis, and it creates a strong incentive for us to only take on cases that are likely to be successful. Since our fees are calculated as a set percentage of your settlement or court award, we will work tirelessly to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries.

How Our Attorneys Handle Your Claim

Construction Accident Lawyer Near You When you hire a construction accident lawyer from Rosenberg & Rodriguez, we take the stress of an accident off your shoulders. After your accident, our attorneys will immediately begin an investigation to determine the liable parties and build your case. We will also ensure that you receive the proper medical treatment and coverage for your medical bills. Our firm will communicate with you throughout the claims process, and handle communications with the insurance companies. We will file the necessary insurance claims and forms, as well as any documentation the insurance companies may need. This process allows you to focus on recovery, while we handle the insurance companies. Our top priority is to fight for you to get the compensation you deserve, and we know that this requires strong communication with you, the client, at every step of the process.

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