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Amazon Delivery Accidents In Brooklyn, NY

Every day, Amazon deploys vans and trucks across the United States to deliver packages from their warehouses. Unfortunately, with more frequent deliveries in big cities like Brooklyn comes higher chances of accidents involving these delivery vehicles–just as hazardous as any other car or truck accident. To make matters worse, it can be intimidating to pursue a large-scale company such as Amazon for damages incurred during an accident; however, we recognize your trepidation and are here to assist you every step of the way.

Are you in need of an experienced and knowledgeable Brooklyn Amazon delivery accident lawyer? At Rosenberg & Rodriguez, we understand the ins and outs of negotiating with Amazon on behalf of our clients. We also know what type of evidence is required to win your claim against Amazon so that you can receive fair compensation. Reach out today for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

Understanding Amazon Delivery Driver Liability

If you or a loved one has been injured by an Amazon delivery driver in New York, it can be difficult to decide who is accountable for your harm. If the driver works towards any of the large courier services such as UPS, USPS and FedEx then they would be responsible. Nevertheless, if their job contract was with a third-party contractor rather than Amazon directly, determining accountability becomes more complex. As Amazon does not technically employ these drivers when matters arise which necessitate claims or lawsuits against them; they may not bear responsibility for injuries caused by negligent driving habits of its contractors’ staff members.

If third-party contractors do not possess commercial vehicle insurance, their insurance company is likely to deny any liability for your losses and injuries if you’re involved in an accident. If this unfortunate event happens following an Amazon accident in Brooklyn, it’s essential that you reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Rosenberg & Rodriguez has over 70 years of combined experience and we can help you determine who might be responsible for the crash and make sure they are held accountable for their actions.

Amazon’s Insurance Coverage for Their Drivers

New York-based delivery drivers are expected to comply with the minimum insurance requirements set by the state which include $15,000 per person in bodily injury coverage and $30,000 for each accident as well as $5,000 property damage. As an added bonus, Amazon provides all their service providers with complimentary Commercial Auto Insurance – except those located in New York.

Amazon provides auto insurance for its drivers that cover liability, uninsured/underinsured driver coverage, and contingent comprehensive and collision protection. It should be noted that this policy is only applicable to the driver; passengers are not covered when they are actively delivering orders. In terms of accidents involving Amazon’s drivers, there typically can be a number of intricate details to consider due to their unique situation. Luckily, a knowledgeable Brooklyn Amazon delivery accident attorney can help you hold all negligent parties accountable and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

The Process Of Filing An Amazon Delivery Accident Claim

If you’re a for-hire delivery driver in New York, it’s mandatory that your insurance policy covers any possible mishaps during transport. The coverage must include:

  • General liability insurance of at least $1 million per occurrence and $1-$2 million in general aggregate liability coverage
  • Primary liability insurance of up to $1 million based on their region, driving records and driving history

This coverage should cover all aspects of an accident including:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Cargo insurance
  • Non-trucking liability

If you have been in an accident involving an Amazon delivery truck, enlist the help of our experienced personal injury lawyers. We understand the intricacies and legalities surrounding these types of cases and can guide you through filing a claim against any liable party. Get started on your claim right away by contacting one of our Brooklyn Amazon delivery accident lawyers for a free consultation today.

Common Causes Of Amazon Delivery Accidents

Delivery truck drivers are typically responsible individuals who wish to make it safely home, just like the rest of us. But when a delivery driver acts negligently on the road, it can result in serious injuries or even wrongful death. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released data revealing New York’s most common causes of Amazon truck collisions:

  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigue
  • Driving under the influence
  • Aggressive driving
  • Speeding
  • Unrealistic work schedules
  • Inclement weather
  • Blind spots
  • Overloaded cargo

Amazon’s immense delivery fleet is not the only issue. The company has enlisted third-party couriers and drivers to meet their Two-Day Prime, Same Day Delivery, and Amazon Fresh demands. These independent contractors are in such a rush to finish countless deliveries that they can make significant profits if completed promptly, however, this also puts them into an excitable state which leads to more collisions on the roads of densely populated cities like Brooklyn, NY.

Amazon Delivery Accident Statistics

Amazon’s utilization of independent delivery firms through Amazon Delivery Partner Services renders tracking incidents caused by their drivers a near impossibility. To make matters worse, many vehicles driven by these employees have no identifiable logo on the exterior – such as Ford Transit 250s and similar Sprinter-style vans. Even if you do identify one, its weight falls below the threshold that requires Department of Transportation supervision; in other words, reliable data is hard to find for this type of vehicle.

To fulfill their delivery quotas within an 8-hour shift, Amazon drivers often have to make over 250 package deliveries a day. This immense pressure has led to hundreds of car accidents involving vans or tractor-trailer trucks transporting Amazon goods. Sadly, some of these collisions even resulted in fatalities.

With over 100 lawsuits filed directly against Amazon, the data points to a concerning statistic: Amazon drivers are frequently causing vehicle accidents in New York. Though rare, this is a real danger for pedestrians and motorists in the area alike. If you have suffered an injury due to an Amazon truck accident, get in touch with our experienced personal injury attorney today. We can advise on your personal injury claim process and help ensure that you secure the compensation you deserve.

Amazon Neglecting To Train Delivery Employees Properly

In 2018, following several tragic incidents with its personnel, Amazon proposed a five-day road safety training program for all delivery drivers to be assessed by an external agency. Despite the heightened need for such rigorous testing and training in order to avoid any future mishaps, Amazon ended up rejecting this proposal as it would impede their deliveries. Internal documents suggested that the company was concerned about a “bottleneck,” preventing new drivers from making food or package drops on time.

The logistics division manager has expressed the urgent need for drivers to begin immediately due to an excessive amount of 1 billion packages that must be delivered during the holiday season. Unfortunately, instead of providing quality safety training like other carriers do, Amazon is disregarding this requirement in order to rapidly expand its operational network – highlighting its lack of concern for other’s safety and well-being. All cases are distinct, however, it is essential to remember that accidents do not always happen by chance. Oftentimes, an accident could have been prevented with proper training and a greater concern for the safety of other drivers on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon dominates the US market and this prowess is due in no small part to its commitment to quick, reliable delivery. Investing a whopping $39 billion into constructing an extensive shipping network across the nation, Amazon delivered 2.3 billion out of 4.5 billion items it sent throughout America last year alone–that’s over half! To keep up with such numbers, they depend on two types of drivers:

  • Amazon Delivery Service Partners – Companies that deliver exclusively for Amazon
  • Amazon Flex Drivers – Independent couriers who pick up and deliver the packages

Amazon introduced the Flex program in 2015, and it’s now available in nearly 90 cities across America. Interestingly enough, Amazon couriers are insured everywhere apart from New York City. The system is similar to food delivery services like Uber Eats or DoorDash with its ridesharing model that allows almost anyone to become a driver if they meet certain criteria. But what prerequisites do you need to work as an Amazon Flex truck driver? Here’s all you’ll require:

  • Live in a city where Flex operates
  • Must be at least 21 years of age or older
  • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license
  • Have Social Security number
  • Proof of insurance
  • Pass a background check
  • Have a smartphone capable of handling the Amazon driver application
  • Have a vehicle suitable for deliveries
  • Prime Now deliveries do not have vehicle restrictions
  • Orders require a 4-door, mid-sized, or larger vehicle

Who Is Responsible for My Injuries If An Amazon Driver Causes The Accident?

It is legally mandatory for the driver’s insurance policy to cover any injuries caused in an accident. Amazon requires that Flex drivers have their own liability coverage and it must adhere to local or state delivery truck regulations. Moreover, if someone else happens to be hurt in a collision involving an Amazon driver, they’re entitled to financial aid from Amazon itself. This comes at no additional cost as part of their Commercial Auto Insurance Policy which includes various benefits such as:

  • Auto liability coverage
  • Uninsured motorist/under-insured motorist coverage
  • Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage

Amazon’s insurance policy is only valid when the driver is actually employed by Amazon (evidence is required). Amazon does not usually assume responsibility for accidents caused by its drivers. If the accident was caused by a vehicle manufacturer or mechanic, they may be held responsible.

How Can I Prove A Driver Was On Duty When The Accident Happened?

The Amazon insurance coverage applies only to drivers who are on duty and actively working for Amazon at the time of an accident. Compensation is always required when evidence that a driver was on duty at the time of the accident is produced:

  • The delivery application is on
  • The driver is on their way to pick up or deliver a package
  • The driver is within their delivery block

By examining the phone records of the Amazon delivery driver, we can prove that he or she was on duty during the time of the accident. Furthermore, evidence from their interactions with Amazon’s delivery application will show that they had signed up as a block deliverer and were actively delivering packages when it happened. If you wish to win your case against Amazon, then proving all of the elements is essential. This can be very challenging, so it’s highly recommended that you seek the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced Brooklyn Amazon delivery accident lawyer who will provide you with all the legal tools and resources necessary for establishing negligence.

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