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Someone Hit My Car, What Do I Do?

Being in a car accident is a stressful and overwhelming situation, so it’s very common to be in shock and forget to do certain critical things, like calling the police, contacting your insurance company, or writing down witnesses’ information. What should I do first after a car accident? The first thing is not to panic. …

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Post-Pandemic Driving

As noted in one of our recent posts, the coronavirus pandemic and the related shutdowns had an interesting effect on car accidents and car accident related injuries and deaths. On the one hand, the overall number of traffic accidents went down significantly due to fewer cars being on the roads. However, the number of speeding …

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Covid-19 N 95 Masks

We are all aware of the recommendations that we wear masks on our faces when we are out in public due coronavirus epidemic. However, these recommendations appear to have had an unintended and possibly dangerous consequence. According to an article in the New York Post this past week, a New Jersey driver crashed head-on into …

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Coronavirus Speeding

Anyone who has taken a drive in New York lately has undoubtedly noticed that roads that are usually filled with bumper-to-bumper traffic are now eerily empty. The coronavirus pandemic has led to most New Yorkers staying home and off the roads. This seems to be a small silver lining in what is otherwise a terrible …

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What to do When Involved in an Auto Accident

Whether a minor car wreck or a tragic accident, like the recent car crash that killed two former volleyball stars and their daughters, it’s important to know what to do when involved in a car accident. First and foremost, be sure to call 911 immediately. When the police arrive, ask them to make a …

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