I would give this Law Firm 10 Stars if I could. They are better than any big Law Firm in Manhattan in my opinion. I called them after an internet search for personal injury Lawyers. The first Law Firm I called was a large well known Park Ave firm. They did not want to take my case. I then called Rosenberg & Rodriguez, and they took my case. I had two broken bones which required surgery with a metal plate & 9 screws, from an accident which I felt was no fault of my own. My case was very difficult to prove due to the circumstances of my accident. At no time was I told I would win anything, as it was clear to me of how difficult the legal issues were. To make a long story short, Rosenberg & Rodriguez won my case, and obtained an outstanding settlement, without having to risk a trial. I can’t articulate how happy I am with their performance, and the outcome of my case. I am so happy the first Law Firm did not take my case. I feel I would have just been lost in a pile at a big firm, and would not have had the all out effort that Rosenberg & Rodriguez put in, on my case. These Lawyers are Superstars in my opinion, and I give them my strongest recommendation if you need legal help for an accident. I will be forever grateful to them for winning my case, and for getting me an outstanding settlement amount.