I am a big time Yelp user and most of the time I go by the reviews before choosing any service including one of a legal professional. Thus, it was no surprise that when I got into a pretty bad car accident I checked the reviews and picked the Law Office of Rosenberg and Rodriguez. I have to tell you, Laura Rosenberg was amazing. Not only she met with me several times, and even dropped some papers for me at work personally, she called me several times and asked me how I felt after the accident as it was a real fender-bender and my back was hurting pretty badly. She personally made sure that I got the treatment that I needed and because I lost time from work and also had to go through a lot of rehab for my back and neck injuries, she got me a really nice settlement award for my personal injuries. We just closed my case last week and I can’t be more pleased with Laura Rosenberg and her law firm as I felt that they were real professionals in this field. I have recommended her to several of my friends and they all had positive reviews.