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 COVID19 Update:

We are here for you especially when COVID-19 is affecting so much of our daily life. We want to make sure that we are available to our clients when you need us. In compliance with Gov. Cuomo’s directive, our office is working remotely. We have remote access to your files and have a program that allows our clients to e-sign documents. In addition, Cuomo’s Executive Order No. 202.7 allows Notarization of documents to be done via VIDEO/AUDIO technology. Although we are a PERSONAL INJURY LAW FIRM, we are offering this service for FREE. Please rest assured that we are continuing to work diligently on your cases and all your phone calls and emails will be returned.


Recent Settlement: $100,000.00

$100,000.00 dollar settlement obtained for an elderly lady who tripped and fell on a raised portion of a city sidewalk and sustained a fractured wrist. The City of New York denied liability and payment based on their claim that the City had not received prior complaints of the broken sidewalk. The City, relying on a notation in the plaintiff’s hospital records, claimed that the plaintiff fell because she “slipped” on ice and not because she tripped on the broken sidewalk. Notwithstanding the City’s position, R&R continued with the case and ultimately secured a $100,000.00 settlement on behalf of the plaintiff.