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Kevin Hart’s Car Accident

One of the biggest comedians in the world, Kevin Hart was involved in a car accident on September 1, 2019. Hart was the front seat passenger of a 1970 Plymouth Cuda. He bought the car for himself for his 40th birthday. His good friend, Jared Black, was driving the vehicle and Black’s fiancée was sitting in the back seat. The car accident took place on a dangerous highway, which consists of many twists and turns. The driver lost control of the vehicle and rolled down an embankment, shattering the windshield and causing the roof to cave in. Kevin Hart sustained severe injuries and was immediately hospitalized. According to reports, he injured his back and had to undergo back surgery. In addition, Hart could not walk for a week and had to spend ten days in the hospital. According to investigators, there was an issue with the safety equipment within the vehicle. The vehicle was completely modified to be a race car. It was tight on space, and it did not include any seatbelts. The injuries sustained by Hart could have been possibly prevented if he were wearing a seatbelt.

Kevin Hart’s tragic car accident received tremendous amounts of publicity. Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock,” paid tribute to his good friend Paul Walker on his birthday, who was killed in a car accident about six years ago. The Rock pointed out the similarities between Walker’s and Hart’s accidents. He stated how terrified he was when he heard that he almost lost another friend on the road.

Investigators will continue to look into what exactly happened. Mechanical failures could have caused the accident. However, the investigation is not likely to conclude until late September.

Car accidents happen every day. According to reports, car accidents are one of the most common causes of fatal injury among state residents, including Nassau County. An experienced personal injury lawyer from our firm may be able to help you recover damages for your injury. Contact us today.

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