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$225,000.00 dollars for a woman who tripped and fell on a raised portion of a city sidewalk and sustained a fractured non-dominant wrist. The City of New York denied liability and payment on this case for several years based on their claim that the City had not received any prior written complaints of the broken sidewalk as required by law for a municipality to be responsible. Our attorneys would not take "no" for an answer and conducted a thorough investigation that included interviewing neighbors and reviewing the archives maintained by the Department of Transportation and other city agencies. We ultimately discovered that an elderly man had fallen and injured himself on that same defect approximately a year before our client's accident and that the City was in fact aware of the broken sidewalk. After being confronted with the evidence we discovered, the City of New York was forced to settle the case shortly before trial.

$281,000.00 dollars for a retired 71-year-old man who fell down a flight of interior stairs while visiting family and sustained a head injury. Although the defendant's insurance company initially refused to pay due to the fact that our client was severely intoxicated, our thorough investigation and knowledge of medicine provided us with evidence that allowed us to demonstrate that the stairs were defective and that the defect contributed to our client's accident, thereby forcing the insurance company to settle the case for $281,000.00 out of the available $300,000.00 insurance coverage.

$250,000.00 jury verdict, after a three day trial, for a middle-aged woman who was struck by a car as she crossed the street and sustained a fractured arm and back injuries. The defendant's attorneys and insurance company claimed that our client was partially at fault for the accident, that her injuries were minor and that she had made a full recovery. Our attorneys refused to accept the $35,000.00 settlement offered by the defendant's insurance company and proceeded to trial where we proved that the accident was 100% the defendant's fault and that her injuries were substantial. The Brooklyn Jury saw the case our way and awarded our client $250,000.00 for her injuries.

$120,000.00 jury verdict for a man in his mid-30s who was involved in a two-car intersection accident with a van and sustained a shoulder, neck and back injuries. The defendant's attorneys, insurance company and medical experts all claimed that the case should be dismissed because our client's injuries were minor and that he had made a full recovery. The defendant's attorneys pointed to the fact that our client did not miss significant time from work and was able to return to his job without restrictions. At trial we were able to demonstrate that, although our client returned to his job as a swimming pool installer on a full-time basis, his injuries were nevertheless substantial and the Queens Jury awarded our client $120,000.00 for his injuries.

$75,000.00 dollars for an 89-year-old man with severe dementia who was unable to provide a clear account of what happened sustained a hip fracture at a nursing home. This case was particularly challenging because our attorneys had to construct a theory of liability based solely on the records without the benefit of our client's version of the occurrence. Our attorneys were able to demonstrate that the nursing home did not follow the proper safety precautions with our elderly client without the need for our client to testify in Court.

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